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I’m Tanya Lou, a 360° brand, marketing and media strategist, and publicist to the stars and household name brands. I was named one of Yahoo Finance's Top 10 Coaches to look out for in 2021, alongside Tony Robbins. I've had my work, and clients featured on Huffington Post, Billboard, Rolling Stone, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and so many more. 

With a lifetime of making standout - highly visible brands, I've now made it easy to do the same FOR YOU, and YOUR BRAND. If you are new to being an entrepreneur, or looking to scale -- look no further. 

I've spent the last year creating an easy, step-by-step blueprint, using the same proven methods I've used to grow household name brands and best of all, I'm here to walk you through each step of the way. My goal is to help you design a life and career in harmony; one with purpose, scalability and one that will create a passive income. I also have the leading training course for those looking to scale a highly visible brand and learn, all of the industry secrets and ins and outs of branding, marketing and DIY publicity, through my course curriculum, Branding For Buzz, Media Kit Mastery, Publicity Expert Academy™.

If you have a 9-to-5, or are a rising entrepreneur and are seeking rapid growth, with someone who is incredibly patient and has a teaching style that makes hard things easy to comprehend, and is highly experienced, then look no further. 

I'd love to guide you through business and brand success from start to finish, and I trust you've landed here for a reason. I'd love to be your person!

Media Kit Mastery™

Media Mastery course is a jumpstart and a great pre-lead-in to joining Publicity Expert Academy. In this course you will come out with a Professional Media Kit. We will dive in to personal bios, professional photo & video-shoot must-do's, implement highlights, pertinent link, and all things necessary to walk away with a customized, live link media kit that will captivate the media's attention.

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This is my most popular course that garners a step-by-step blueprint to give you the tools, resources and know-how to gain publicity for either yourself and/or your clients (if you chose to make it a career). 

Media Kit Mastery is included in this course. 

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one-on-one coaching

I offer limited 1-on-1 coaching on all things business, brand, marketing, publicity and overall brand growth. I I integrate action plans, with live Zoom meetings and direct Voxer communication to accelerate your brand and its growth. I also work to help you create a life and career that is harmonious and integrated. 

There are 3) options to fit your needs.

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for BUZZ

How to create a brand worthy of a media buzz

A must-do course for all brands who seek to have a captivating brand that is worthy of garnering the media's attention for brand credibility, and high visibility. An "at your pace" in-depth 14-lesson course to get your brand media ready.


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  • (Workbook & Video Tutorials Included)

  • Develop Your Captivating 
  • Brand Story

  • Learn How to Position Your 
  • Brand for Growth

  • Learn How to Pitch the Media and Podcasts to Garner Attention

  • Get Access to Tools & Media 
  • Insider Sources

  • Learn How to Multi-purpose 
  • Your Media Features

  • Become a Known Expert in 
  • Your Area of Expertise


Live Group Training, Private Community, Live Q&A, Workbook and Special Guest Speakers.


Start Here
  • Lesson 1: Brand Auditing. Understanding what works and what doesn't.

  • Lesson 2: Brand Analytics; Identifying Your Superfans

  • Lesson 3: Understanding & Communicating with your Superfans.

  • Lesson 4: Tools, Programs & resources to hone the relationship with Superfans.

  • Lesson 5: Curating content that Superfans are seeking.

  • Lesson 6: How to integrate programs and income generating products and/or services that your Superfans will love.