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In my FULL BLOOM🌼Inner Circle

Full Bloom Inner Circle is a private community (not Facebook) for those seeking all things growth. 

In our online weekly Zoom meetings, we go over all things creating and scaling a professional standout brand.

We dive into areas of how we are utilizing our time, with time management tools, setting up our goals for accelerated growth, branding and publicity actionable steps to grow your brand, along with learning some new tools and resources to make better use of your time. This membership is for healthy-minded entrepreneurs. 

It's a hybrid Inner-Circle, that tackles everything you'll need to find support, answers and community for those who are looking to expedite growth and BLOOM🌼

Each week I will bring knowledge, with actionable info, tips, and tricks to help you grow your purpose-driven business – no matter what stage, and what age!

What do you say? First week is on me. Click link above, or below to get your complimentary session.


❤️ How to Show Up Online to Accelerate Growth

❤️ How to Leverage All Social Media Platforms

❤️ How to Position Your Brand for Ultimate Growth

❤️ How to Grow Your Instagram and Clubhouse Followers

❤️ How to Use Social Media, Clubhouse, and Mainstream Media to Scale Your Brand's Visibility

❤️ How to Step Out of Fear Online and Into Courage, and so much more...


“Tanya's unique approach combines her knowledge and extensive track record of PR success with her passion for discovering your purpose, nurturing your courage and transforming your career, your business and your life into what you want it to be. If you're looking for a successful PR or branding strategy that will accelerate your personal or company brand, while remaining true to who you are - you need to check out Tanya Armstrong.”

Juanita Wheeler
Full & Frank, TEDx Speaker

Full Bloom Inner Circle

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